New Year, new site (and more!)


Here’s to a new year! I made a bunch of changes to the art page and blog. It seems fitting that the new year is starting when I decided to scrap all the old blog and website and start fresh.

New Website!

I recreated my portfolio page on Adobe Portfolio (love it) and it’s all pretty and responsive to mobile devices. I also reorganized the art I show on the page. I still feature my paintings, but I now exhibit my new experiments with digital illustrations and designs, along with my sketches. Check it out!

New Store!

Along with a website, I refreshed my Society6 store with all new products. I wanted to re-learn digital illustration and S6 gives me a sense of motivation for creating simple illustrations that work perfectly for t-shirts, stickers, etc. At the moment, most of the works are black and white, but I am inching towards color illustrations as well. Some of these experiments might even end up as paintings as well, we’ll see!

New Goals!

I’m restarting this blog with the hope that I can focus my attention more on art making. I would love to start a hashtag project of sorts for the new year. Nothing as ambitious as a 365 day project, but I definitely want to create art daily or semi-regularly. I have a lot of acryla gouache that I’m aching to learn and think it would be perfect to create mini paintings to sell. Be on the look out!

New Art!

I’ve updated the site with two new art sketches. If you have been keeping up with my instagram, you probably have seen them already, but here they are. The designs are also available on Society6 as well.

Thank you for supporting me all these years! I hope that you will sign up for future updates (which you get by email), and check in from time to time! Thanks for stopping by!


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