Practice, Patterns, and Blogging

It’s a new year and it’s already February. I meant to post last week, but I’ve been busy working on my new goals the past few weeks/months. So far, it’s a slog, but I’ll get to that.

cartoon studies and sketchbook

Practice makes perfect?

A few years ago, I listened to an art podcast where the interviewer talked about how every year she had a word of intention to focus her studio practice. I decided to implement the same around three years ago to see if it had a similar effect. The first year, I focused on being prolific, which did help me just make work without judgment as I believe I was coming off of a huge art block. The second year was focused on being polished, as a lot of that work I felt could have been improved with more scrutiny and time. This year (which I started back in November/December) is all about fundamentals. I’ve been going back through tutorials, art books, and any resource I can find to try and improve my craft and really practice drawing.

loomis studies. lol. nope.

This has been an exercise of humility and patience. I hate it so much. It’s hard to see where the weak points are (inking, *grumble*) and to learn everything all over again in order to improve (anatomy, perspective, exaggeration, etc.). I’ve mainly been working with Loomis text books (thanks library!) and pdfs of the Famous Artists Cartoon Course. Most of what I do is copy with awkward results.

More cartoon studies

I use to post them on Instagram, but it honestly got too embarrassing to document. I think the extra test of patience is not seeing the immediate results. I’m sure the improvements are incremental and will likely not be obvious until I fill multiple sketchbooks, but it’s tough going on that blind faith and pushing through the doubt. What I hope to get out of it is a more distinctive style that will fit the style and content of my work based on the feedback I was given during my 2015 mentorship.

cartoon studies, hahaha, nope

Draw, Pattern, Repeat!

One of my art goals for a long time was to learn how to make patterns. I loved seeing my artist/designer friends make cute little patterns and thought what a fun thing to make for the print store.

I’ve made a few so far. It is a learning curve. I’m also slowly learning my ways around digital painting. It’s hard, which seems to be a theme of late. I desperately want it to look like traditional media, but it evades me. Hopefully as these posts progress month to month, there will be noticeable improvements in that as well.

Blog Updates

I finally caved and upgraded the blog to a paid plan. There were ads on both the sidebar and the posts. Gross. That doesn’t read professional. Now that it’s paid, I have a fancy new domain addy for the blog: to complement my website.  Oh! Also I changed the design a bit, probably not noticeable to anybody else, but this one doesn’t make the banner all jerky on desktop browsers.

What’s Next?

I have a painting I need to create for an upcoming exhibition at La Bodega Gallery. For a hint on what it will be, here’s the sketch:

Pushing Up Daisies sketch

Also, I’ll be making lots of updates to the site galleries with all the work I’m making on the side. Yay!

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