Finish What You Started, part 2

Annnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back! In case you need a refresher, I am slowly reworking and finishing paintings that I have abandoned in last year.  So far, I have focused on the first one. This post will show the finished results of those efforts and the next painting (or two…maybe three) left on the queue.

The next steps

I got most of the fish finished, but things got a little nit-picky with the faces and trying to balance imaginative stylizations along with following references. Gouache to the rescue!

in progress paintings on wood panelSidenote: What you don’t seen between all these steps was my attempt at giving the gold fish larger eyes. This did not end well. Live and learn!

in progress painting of Slumber

The last main revision was getting the water back to having the weird verticle effect that I was attempting in the first go around. I made the water darker to help balance the vibrancy of the orange. Added the last step with the floating bubbles and dots. Does anybody else go a little nuts drawing/painting geometric shapes? Circles make my painting hand cringe.

photoshoot for slumber painting

Also side note: I was rushing to get this done initially for a call for art submission. I hadn’t noticed a few of the issues and then also rushed on digitally painting to fix the texture/glare issues, which made more problem areas. SIGH. I am jack’s cautionary tale.

finished painting of slumber

The Finished Results

I really enjoyed the challenges that this project gave me. I’m glad I persued changing the composition to revitalize it. It’ll be encouraging for the next few paintings.

Slumber, acrylic on wood panel, copyright by Megan Frauenhoffer

Next up

Miasma progress painting

The next painting should be pretty easy to finished. It is an itty bitty at 4×6 inches. I already modified the composition in photoshop to try and resolve the painting. I may take my time with this piece since I have a few commissions to finish between and the end of semester is right around the corner.

Preview for next post: Experiments in Duralar

experimental mushroom gouache study on duralar

Next month I will review my experiments with duralar as a painting surface (soooooo fun!), and show the next painting I’ve been wanting to finished. Seeya!

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