Finish What You Started Part 3

“Miasma” paint progress


You’ll remember this painting hinted in my previous posts. This mini painting was an acryla gouache practice piece that got a little to dragged out and complicated. BUT! I am glad I still pursued it, because I ended up with some resolutions that I wasn’t planning on and loved it.3

This was the original plan for changes that I was going to make on the composition. I felt satisfied with that, but it still felt like it was missing something. One day, it hit me what was needed.9

I added a green slime skull over the face and it felt like that was the missing piece all along. That, along with some better rendering on the hair and background and Miasma finally felt resolved.


Here’s the final painting. The painting is available in my store for anybody that is interested.

Miasma prints and products can be purchased through Society6.


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