#Inktober is coming!

Inktober 2018 official prompt list

I get so excited for October: INKTOBER. Inktober is my favorite artist hashtag project. For the month of October, artists are challenged to produce a new inked artwork. There’s prompts that people can follow or you can do your own thing. This year, I want to challenge myself and follow the prompts and make them fit in my body of work. I desperately want to submit each day, but I’m going to keep my expectations lower this year due to how insanely busy I’ve been lately (cry).

Want to see an Inktober promotional flyer I made in one of my Adobe Education workshops? Bask in my beginning InDesign skills! In all seriousness, I will be participating so I can beef up my stock on my online shop and Society6 store (as well as self improvement, blah blah blah…), so I will try to apply the discount codes and whatnot if I can get the art going.

INKtober Promo

Here are some past highlights of my previous inktobers:

You can follow my inktober journey through Instagram, starting October 1st (hopefully)!


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  1. Will definitely follow your Instagram page to see your Inktober art! Your past creations are very good! This is my first year attempting Inktober and I am enjoying every bit of it! You can seemy work on my WordPress blog and follow my Instagram if you wish.

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