“Alchemy” Process Post

Continuing my side project of updating some favorite older works to new digital sketches, I returned to this goodie.


This sketch was done several years back (2015?) when I was working on a hashtag project. I think it was 100 days project. I definitely did not get to 100 days of any sketching by any stretch of the imagination, but I came up with a lot of simple sketches and concepts that helped flesh out a solo show.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 10.45.24 PM

This was the painting that sprang from the concept, “Fire and Blood.” I wasn’t as pleased with the results. It was a fairly rushed solo show with a lot of weird circumstances that got in the way of making it better. I wanted to revisit the painting and try to right what I didn’t love about the work. Alchemy-1 -web

This was the end result. I had to mess with the flame quite a bit and actually polled my instagram audience on what would work. It was fairly divided, but tipped towards making the the flame smaller to help balance the two hands. I like this version best. I feel the added details like the jewelry, tattoos, and individualized weapons gave it more character.Society6 graphic 1-2

“Alchemy” is available on Society6!

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