New Art: Skull #11 (Crystals)

I had a hiatus on #Inktober and was trying to get back on that train of drawing (my second half of October is definitely much more inconsistent compared to the first half). After almost a week break, I tried to get back into the project with the angular prompt. I got one of those awesome polygon skulls at Target as the basis for my study.

polygon skull

In my head it was suppose to be more impressive as a digital ink study, but I got too caught up in all the brushes.polygon skull sketch (inktober angular)

After that disappointment, I sat on the piece for a day and decided it was worth turning into a digital painting. Removed the bottom jaw, added some crystals, and voila! New art!skull-11-crystals-prints

This has been added to my series of skulls on Society6 (hence the title, #11 in the series). Enjoy!

polygon skull digital painting (crystals)


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