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So if you have been following my blog, you know that I have been taking classes/workshops with the Adobe Education Exchange. I’ve had a Creative Cloud subscription for about a year and I wanted to learn all the programs that come with it. It’s been great to learn the basics in a class setting. Every time I try to learn from a book or tutorial, I can never seem to finish the course. Having a deadline and classmates helps me stay motivated.

Adobe Lightroom is one of those programs in the subscription that I didn’t think would be necessary to learn, but I am glad I did. This program is legit awesome. I had fun with all the presets and how polished they made my bad photos. Previous to the course, I only dabbled in the program due to it being connected to Adobe Portfolio (my website).  I could upload all my photos to the web app and then import the album to my webpage. This felt tedious because I didn’t do any editing on Lightroom, so I just cut the middle man out and uploaded straight to Portfolio.

Since the 2019 updates, Lightroom CC is now available as a desktop app instead of it being only web based.  This change has really made me convert to the Lightroom camp. Since the app is cloud based, I can take photos on my phone with the app, do some light editing, or go straight to my desktop and finish the edits there (much more my style). Then if I wanted to , share to my Portfolio page or Behance. This seamless integration makes it great for somebody lazy like me.

One of my favorite projects was the self portrait series. I wanted to try the oh-so-trendy selfies in the fake floral section of the craft store. At first, I couldn’t be convinced that this could turn into a decent photo, but Lightroom proved me wrong.

Don’t believe me? Here is a before photo of my cat. It looks “meh.”

Here’s with some Lightroom magic. So moody! So dark!

I won’t post every single image I did, but if you want to see/read more, you can look at my class learning journal. 

Digital Photography in the Classroom Learning Journal link



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