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Adobe Education Exchange is a series of posts that I have wrote talking about my experiences with learning all the programs on the Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe Dimension is definitely an oddball program. I like what it is capable of, but it feels a little limiting in its uses.

Its primary use is for creating 3D mock ups for graphic design promotions. For the workshop, the class constructed a mock up with whatever props available in the program and added their scenery and decals of their business/product. I really want to like the program more as I think there are some great possible applications outside of graphic design that would be useful. I would love it for drawing references or even setting up backgrounds/props for illustrations.

logo mock up
My fake logo for my fake company. I had fun with this.

One of the ways you can expand its uses is if you have a subscription to Adobe Stock, which opens up more 3D models. As it is, there are only a few models that are freely available with the program. I don’t have a reason to justify the monthly costs for Stock images, maybe if I were to get more into design.  As it is, since there aren’t a lot of models to mess with, it really is just a fun program to mess with until I learn more to create some design projects.

A negative I had with Dimension is the amount of RAM needed to do any rendering. I mostly stuck to creating lower quality PNG files, but it is capable of saving as PSDs so you can work in on them in Photoshop. My computer can barely handle the program even before the rendering, so fair warning for those interested in Dimension.

deathbeforedecaf-largerlogo-Current View
3d prototype/design of said products. Yup.

You can see my simple mock up, a coffee shop that I made up, Death Before Decaf, Coffee Co. (I had fun with this if you could tell). You can read about my process more in detailed in my class learning journal. 

3d Design learning journal

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