Art tips: Society6- Size is Everything

Around last year I started restocking my Society6 store with digital drawings I did from Inktober. My Society6 store was rather defunct at that point, having sold a total of six products from 2012-2016. When I started to restock it new drawings, my thought was “what the heck, where else should they go?” and I began to add a new drawing almost regularly without any expectation that they would sell. So after a year of posting new art, I went from selling six products to selling 571 (currently) products! That’s bananas!

So I decided to contemplate what caused this turnaround and I came up with several reasons. I will be posting a series of tips that worked for turning my store around.

Society6 tip #1 Size is Everything

Society6 promotions - funeralOne of the new mottos I had going into the restock was “think design, not art” when it came to the products. This reshaped how I approached a number a concepts. One of them was size and placement of the design. While I was mindful of my image placement and size, I did not look at it with the laser focus I needed until my restock.


You can see a difference in the images above. Society6 will often default to the largest size possible (most of the time cropping the image) and place it in the center. Whenever I wear screen-printed shirts I have two big concerns: the size of the image and the placement. I hate wearing printed shirts with a big screen-printed design. Often the screen print is heavy and weighs on the front and makes it easy to get sweaty on a hot day. So smaller works in my favor (and I assume I am not alone in this). For placement, I like designs slightly higher than center. Center feels weirdly like a target rather than an image to look at. Plus women have breasts (well, not me, but most women) that will distort the image more if it is placed center. Important factors to consider for shirts! This is what I mean when I say “think design, not art.”

When it comes to other products, I like to play with the framing of the image to the product. Most of the time I will have the image be larger to focus on different shape relationships to the frame. It’s fun.

That’s it for tip #1 I will have future posts that talk about branding, marketing, design, and more!

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