Goals for 2019

I was going to do a year end wrap up last month for the ol’ blog, but life had a way of getting hitting me like a dump truck, one of them being my chronically sick cat finally passed away (RIP) and then starting up the new semester.

However, I am determined to get back on a regular posting schedule, have no fear (the seven-to-nine readers that follow this blog). Here’s an overview of what to expect for 2019!

More Society6 posts

I started restocking my S6 store last year and it’s been a shock how well the sales have been (still passive income, but hey). I promised a series of tips and I will be getting around to more of those posts this year.

More Adobe EdEx posts

Adobe Education Exchange banner - Adobe Spark

I’ve enrolled in the 2019 Adobe EdEx classes and workshops again. Some new classes, some I will revisit. I’m determined to learn all things Creative Cloud and will share what I experience.

Digital art posts

I used that sweet S6 monies to invest in an iPad Pro. Now I can work with Procreate, Adobe Sketch, Clip Studio Paint, and more. I’ve only done a little so far, but I love the Apple Pencil and working with the art programs. Here’s hoping I have a lot of fun process videos and illustrations in the future. I’m also working on my own little project which I might divulge in the coming months. I’m having a lot of fun behind the scenes.

Art Tips!

experimental mushroom gouache study on duralar

Art tips will make a come back. I want to get into the nitty gritty about materials, techniques, books that I think help with creative blocks, and more!

More Art for sale!

There will be more art! I have a few that I’ve been meaning to post to the store, but I put on the back burner since the holidays passed. They will be up in the coming months.

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