Venus Art Show part 1

I seem to do this thing where I let an upcoming art exhibition I’ve been invited to sneak up on me and then I have to hustle in order to get things done.

Luckily I got my iPad recently and needed another opportunity to learn Clip Studio Paint. CSP is available as the full version of the program on the iPad and that’s just bananas to me. I love how I’m not limited on options when I use the program.

Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-sketch

I started with a messy sketch and then cleaned it up. I believe both were still done with the rough pencil. Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-line art

The Apple Pencil and the drawing tools in CSP are magic. Everything is super smooth. Since I needed to cut down on time, my plan was to create a grayscale print as my underpainting for oil paints. No room for screw ups!

Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-value studyThis was the “final” grayscale drawing, but I still didn’t love it. So I messed around with cutting and pasting around the forms and then adding some embellishments. Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-grayscale drawingNow came time to seal it on the panel! I did not anticipate the print being slightly smaller than the panel (Oy), but luckily as I’ve been adding the oils on, the thick paint has been covering this mishap to be unnoticeable.

Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-underpainting

Enter the “ugly baby” stage of painting. I don’t ever have an instagram worthy process photo to show during these stages. It is what it is. However, I do enjoy that the oil painting has made my blending more efficient and less tedious. Win-win.

Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-oil painting first passVenus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-oil painting second pass

My next post, I’m going to finish laying all the colors down and then add my glazing. I’m hoping to give myself enough time for the paint to dry and to varnish. Here’s where I’m projected to go based on my color study:

Venus show artwork Megan Frauenhoffer-color study

It’s getting close! Wish me luck!


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