Creature Designs and Art Challenges

ETA: this post got away from me. I should have published it months ago, but got busy behind the scenes with other projects.

I am working on a secret project. In the mean time I have been working on designing characters and creatures said project. Creature designs are a new endeavor for me. I don’t really draw monsters and the like and when they get incorporated into my paintings, it is usually an afterthought.

Probably one of the few times I put a lot of thought into my monster design.

To prep for these, I have been doing a lot of research into fantasy and game design books that were at my library. It gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas for how to approach the subject. I also took a page from my favorite cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra and often took inspiration from combining two animal designs and seeing what sticks. Sometimes I didn’t combine two animals but rather emphasis a more magical or fantastical element that they already had or could of had.

Crystal turtleFantasy orchid mantisFantasy frogFantasy deer

Some sketches that I’ve shown and not shown before.

To also keep my inspiration going, I decided to participate in a color/art challenge that was going on through Instagram: April Colors. I’ll admit, I love Faunwood’s creature art along with Eva Funderburgh’s creature ceramics, so I am unabashed in any of my more obvious inspiration in designs.

April Colors challenge Instagram Post
April Colors challenge Instagram Post

This challenge gave me the push to really play with my Adobe Sketch and other digital art programs that I need to learn. I decided to stick with learning a gouache painting style and focused on trying to recreate a mostly believable painting style. Another challenge I wanted to give myself as I progress is that I wanted to really stretch my color palettes more. Hopefully that will happen (we’ll see)!

You can follow along on my instagram or see the art challenge by following the hashtags #aprilcolors2019.


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