The Grievers Update!

Things have been busy with the current project. I’m not trying to neglect writing, but creating a webcomic on top of teaching is fairly time consuming. However, it seems to be paying off! As of Monday, I got a little feature on WEBTOON’s front page under the “Specials” category!

You can see the comic in the bottom right corner!

This has been a huge boost in traffic to my webtoon! Before I was working on the story in relative obscurity.

What I texted my sister the day after I first published the comic. In actuality, I only had three subscribers because the other three were family and myself.

This worked out fine for the time being but I’ll admit it was getting me a little down. I kept telling myself to keep working on updating it and don’t think too much into whether it would get popular.

Right before getting the special feature, I had 23 subscribers. Now I’m currently sitting at 550+ and constantly growing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this! I feel rather humble by the process of making the comic with my ignorant approach of “see what sticks” and haphazardly figuring out things. People have been really nice too in the comments.

Now I feel like a I have to prove myself more. I need to make the webtoon better because there are people actually reading it. I hope the good vibes keep continuing. I don’t want to get ahead of myself or overthink where this could all lead, so for now I will just concentrate on putting out better episodes each update. I’m already pushing myself as much as I can. This next update will have a chase scene!


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