Say it with Stickers!

I’ve been obsessed with stickers. I usually can’t get the fancy cases for my accessories, so I decorate it with all the fun stuff. Stickers feel like mini artworks I can place where ever. I ordered so many from my friends and they are all lovely. I’ll be sure to link their shops below.

I even ordered some of my own from Society6 to see how the quality was. I was pretty pleased with the results. Thick, vinyl kiss-cut stickers that I can place anywhere! I got some of the standard size ones and then a few smaller stickers because my iPod could only really fit 2in square size space.

Maybe it makes my stuff look juvenile, but I love it. So many different images and fun pictures to look at every time I flip open my devices.

Here are the artists if you want to purchase them or shop for other items

Lois Van Burle (Loish)

Erica Williams

Sarah Scribbles (I technically got the stickers included in a yearly planner)

Abigail Larson

Kelly McKernan

Arabella Proffer

Marcus Howell (he doesn’t have a shop, but he’s my husband, so contact me and I will give you the hookup)

Superhero stickers – these were purchased in the card section of Walmart -_-

Society6 stickers (these come with pretty much any order, why not get them from ordering my stickers)


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