New Art and Inktober Fail!

Day 1: Ring
Day 2: Mindless

I had a major Inktober Fail (TM) last month! I only made it to Day 2 and and had to quit. However, I don’t see it as a failure personally. I’ve moved on to other projects that made it too hard to do Inktober just for fun. And really, that’s what it should be: a fun challenge. I hope I can “fail” again next year.

I did, however see a lot of success in my drawing classes incorporating Inktober. I made it a weekly homework assignment as well as an in class project. I had a lot of fun seeing the students try out a wildly different medium for the class.

My class website. It’s password protected, but you can see all the thumbnail previews of what they accomplished.

I do have some half finished sketches and drafts of the other days I wanted to make art for. Perhaps over the next few months, I will get those done!

Inktober process for Day 3. I still try to work on it every now and then.

So in the end, I consider it a win in learning healthy work boundaries and having fun with the month. Hopefully you all had fun during Inktober.

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