2019 wrap up!

I debated on writing a year end wrap up post. It’s hard to sum up all the ups and downs of the year into one measly post, but I’ll give it a go!

My works-in-progress on Clip Studio Paint on the most recent chapter (Chapter 12), where I learn every time more and more useful features on Clip Studio Paint.

One of the biggest changes this year was that I went headlong into making a webcomic. This kept me active for the better part of the year, planning and then publishing the comic.

One of my works-in-progress panels from an earlier chapter.

I just realized the other day that I’ve been updating the series for a solid 6 months with two updates per month! That’s probably more work that I’ve ever done with my fine art. It also worked my brain in ways that I felt truly gave it stimulation. Writing, designing, drawing, and coloring were all given a boot camp in order to improve.

One of the scenes from Chapter 11 of The Grievers.

Last night I read through everything I have posted so far and it was surprising how much improvements (and some back steps) I’ve made. For 2020, I hope I can solidify a set style and become more efficient in producing a new episode 2x a month. I would love it if the comic got featured, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

That one (of many!) times I got promoted to the front page of the Webtoon App.

The Webtoon community has been really great to get involved with too, such a breath of fresh air. I think one of my 2020 goals will be to see if I can visit the Webtoon community at any future conventions. It’s a bit of swing, but maybe summer will be the perfect time to try.

I’ve been promoted several times on the Webtoon and Webtoon Canvas front page. I’m very grateful to the Webtoons Community. They’re the best.

I also went pretty much fully digital with my art. I do miss making paintings, but it hasn’t been a good venture. I got really jaded in 2018 about the gallery world and the endless rat race to only get sad results. Hopefully I can make a return to painting, even in a “just for fun” capacity.

I recently learned that Adobe Capture mobile app has the ability to make patterns with your SVG shapes, so that it my newest obsession.

Creating with digital programs like Procreate, Adobe Fresco and Clip Studio Paint became very freeing to my art process. I largely have to thank my huge investment in getting an iPad Pro last year. It has been the best decision I could had made. If you’re sitting on the fence with whether it’s a worthy purchase, I definitely recommend it.

One of my latest vector illustrations. I’ve only recently started to introduce color to vector-based work.

For the most part, I want to keep my expectations modest and small for the next year/decade. I’m just going to keep plugging away at my current projects and try to achieve a good work/life balance. It’s a simple, but important goal that gets lost in the everyday. We’ll see how next year’s wrap up will summarize 2020!

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