The Grievers Art and Digital Paint explorations

Oh snap! I guess I had this post in my drafts for over a few months and never got around to publishing.

Created in Adobe Sketch, then finished in Adobe Fresco using some of the oil painting live brushes. I had a lot of issues with it initially in Sketch. Luckily the new tools available in Fresco helped fix proportions and other problems.

Anyway, one of my goals for 2019 was to dive fully into digital art. I got really jaded with painting and the gallery world in general. It’s also a little sad when you are surrounded by unfinished projects and unsold paintings. Going digital meant I could curtail some of the space that artwork took up and learn some new tricks.

Created first in Adobe Sketch, then finished in Adobe Fresco. It still has a “too digital” look IMO but I still like the results of the piece.

My main explorations were with Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw, then Adobe Fresco when it got released and then eventually hunkered down and learned Procreate.

Adobe Draw (and eventually Fresco) allowed me to create a lot of vector illustrations that I could scale to any size. Very useful! Most of my new Society6 illustrations have been vector-based.

Most of my focus over the past year was to see how much I could emulate my painting style but in digital form. I think I achieved this best when I was noodling around with Procreate.

Latest illustration in an attempt to finally learn Procreate. I found the textured default brushes available had the best results for looking as close to my painting style with acrylics. I mostly stuck with the gouache brush, the procreate pencil, and one of the textured drawing brushes.

I might make a point later in 2020 to dedicate in-depth posts on each of those apps and the pros and cons for making illustrations, concept art, and comics.

Done in Adobe Fresco, mainly to experiment with the watercolor live brush. I’m not sure if I’ll ever achieve a natural watercolor look, but I will keep trying.

I mostly have focused on creating character illustrations for my comic, “The Grievers” on Webtoon. I’ve made creature designs as well, most I have posted about in the past.

Creature design, made in Adobe Sketch using a lot of the Kyle Webster photoshop brushes I imported over.

Obviously this doesn’t include Clip Studio Paint, which I use mainly for the comic. Maybe 2020 will be the year I try to make some illustrations with that program.

Since I’m not concerned with achieving a painted look on my comic, I go nuts with the effects.

For 2020 and beyond, I’d like to see what I can push with digital painting. Hopefully by this point next year, I will master these programs and show you all what I can do!


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