Art Tips: Society6 Affiliate links!

Awhile back Society6 rolled out an affiliate links feature. This was meant to boost sales and help out curators. I’m not big on curating other people’s art (I might if my social media presence was a big deal), but I did add the links to all of my posts and sites.

Society6’s Affiliate Program launch page. You have to apply to the program in order to participate. Check it out for more info.

Let me tell you, on the rare occasion that people click those links on my site/blog to purchase work, it was worth it.

I got some pretty handy tips from the Society6 Artist Education blog post.

With the affiliate links, you get an extra 10% kickback on purchases, even if it is for other people’s artwork. As long as site visitors use your link to get to Society6 and make a purchase, you get that 10% earnings.

Society6’s blog post explaining how to find the affiliate links

So, if somebody clicks your affiliate link and buys art from your store, that’s 20% of the profit attributed back to you (10% from the link, another 10% of your usual profit)! I had a bunch of sales one day that I couldn’t figure out.

Waaaaaaaahhhh, why are there all these doubles?

It looked like doubles in my earnings log. It wasn’t until I check the different categories that I realized that somebody finally used my affiliate links. Yes! This is awesome!

Extra money, boom!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened since, but when you consider the minimal effort it takes to update your links and forget about it, it’s totally worth it. I definitely recommend doing so even if you earn modest sales off of your page. You never know when you’ll have that extra bonus!

Here’s where you can see the promote link for easy copy and paste. Why not add my link to your curation? Hahaha, just thought I try.


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