Art on Masks

You can now buy my art on masks. What a weird time to be alive?

I’ve had the designs up for awhile now.

I never really thought several months ago that we would be in global pandemic. Enough time has passed that it’s become “the new normal” and masks are slowly becoming more commonplace.

I’m one of the lucky few where if I don’t have to be out, I stay at home. This is likely going to stay the case until fall. In the meantime, when I do go out, it’s for short trips to the grocery stores, where I wear the cloth masks. I bought a few on recommended sites, one handmade on Etsy, and a bunch of the disposable surgical masks at the store.

The Art Nouveau Moth mask is my favorite design so far.

I’ve had a store with Redbubble for awhile now, but I don’t give it much promotion because until now 90% of the products were pretty much the same as Society6 and I made more sales over there.

Pushing Up Daisies now on a mask.

Now Redbubble has made masks available for products and it’s nice to have some cute choices. You can see the gallery below.

The best way I found to wear them is with a layer of nylon underneath to add an extra protective layer and seal off any openings. Also, if you have small head like mine, using mask ear protectors makes it more comfy and a snug fit.

Stay safe, everybody!


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