Adobe Capture and Making Simple Patterns

Piggybacking on my previous post about Adobe Capture, I’ve also been using the program to create quick patterns for multiple projects.

Adobe has a pattern option in the camera/image import. I like using it sparingly because it has limitations on the quality produced. The color vector patterns are splotchy; the bitmap patterns are small and pixelated. One workaround I have made was to save an image of the patterns created and then import them again using the Shape capture. Then I use Fresco’s custom shape and try to create a design from there that I will import to Photoshop.

Adobe Capture’s latest update includes a shape pattern builder to use your Capture shapes and work with tiled patterns. You can also change the colors of the forms and background.

It doesn’t offer a lot of customization, but it is both fun to use and easy for quick patterns. I find that the patterns made here are better than the ones in the Camera import.

Overall, it makes me want to learn more about building patterns in Illustrator or Photoshop. I’ve made attempts in the past, but I was creating designs based on trial and error. I plan to get a few books or look up tutorials on how to build patterns best digitally. Hopefully, I can advance these skills and use them for assets in comics and products for Society6.


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