2020 Wrap Up Post

The past few years, I have written an annual summary post at the end of the year. 2020 has certainly toppled a lot of expectations for how the year should have gone. Most everybody felt a lot of negative events versus positive. Myself included. Here’s my attempt at wrapping the year 2020.

The short story was an experience, but it taught me a lot of lessons that I wish I hadn’t learned the hard way.

Keeping up the webcomic was truly my biggest challenge this year. Right before the pandemic hit, I got excited to participate in the Webtoon Short Story contest, which ended up failing spectacularly.

Back before the shut down, I had a mid career group show invitational. I got to test all my digital prints and experiment with gold leaf and mounting them on wood panel. It would have been nice if the reception wasn’t right before shut down.

The sad part was that I put my main comic on hiatus in order to participate and it suffered in the process. It took awhile to get back into posting again and let’s face it, the pandemic has made it even more difficult to pursue it after working during the day time.

One of the few highlights was getting back on the front page of the Webtoon app after returning from hiatus.

I don’t feel like I achieved my goal of consistently posting 2x a month for all of 2020. It was disappointing, but mental health had to come first.

As Above, So Below. A digital illustration I entered into the 2020 High Art Competition… which didn’t win.

For 2021, I hope to turn that around and get back to a consistent posting schedule. This might mean changing how I update and chunking out my chapters into parts. Hopefully this will bring positive results.

The last big illustration I made in my free time… back in July.

I didn’t make much art outside of the comic. I made maybe 3 illustrations as a whole, which was a low bar for me. I did work on a lot of concept art for the webtoon, but most of that is behind the scenes and not very exciting to show off.

Consume Darkness. I liked this piece, it gave me new tricks and textures to test out on Adobe Fresco and Photoshop iPad.

For next year, I would like to write more about the webtoon creation process. I want to break down my writing, world building, and comic creating techniques.

When I wasn’t making illustrations or working on the comic, I would create assets to help with the comic’s world building as well as cut down on my future work time. Work smarter, not harder!

2020 was not the year I expected. It was more about surviving. I’m hoping that 2021 becomes a better environment that creativity can thrive.


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