Hello! You must want to learn about me! I have an in-depth and more formal bio on my main page, but here’s skinny on who I am:

  • I have a knack for collecting pets around summer time. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a school of gold fish.
  • I can’t drink caffeine anymore (cry), but I have searched far and wide for delectable  decaf coffees that don’t taste like ash.
  • My home decor seems to be a collection of halloween decorations: skulls, macabre artwork, and other curio delights. It is delightful and I have to keep myself from turning the house completely into a Tim Burton fantasy.
  • I’m married to another artist and somehow we don’t drive each other crazy… although he just learned of my secret habit of singing to my pets, so that may change.
  • I am a thrift store addict. Someday I might write a blog post about it, but you’ll have to take my word that I have become the master of the thrift.

Feel free to contact me about art questions, gallery shows, or any other related info! I’m also on most social media @MeganFrau. Follow me!

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