Adobe Capture and Making Simple Patterns Piggybacking on my previous post about Adobe Capture, I've also been using the program to create quick patterns for multiple projects. Adobe has a pattern option in the camera/image import. I like using it sparingly because it has limitations on the quality produced. The color vector patterns are splotchy; the bitmap patterns are... Continue Reading →

Webtoon tips: Writing! Part 1

I’ve been meaning to start documenting my process for making webtoons. When I first set out to make my own. I tried to research as much as possible about writing and creating webtoons and still felt underwhelmed with the content available. While videos are starting to accumulate on YouTube with great information, they mostly center... Continue Reading →

Making Textures and Shapes with Adobe Capture and Adobe Fresco I want to share my newest obsession of late: making easy digital abstract paintings in Adobe Fresco. They’re relaxing to create compared to the more thought-out illustrations and comics. I often make these in 10 minutes while my drawing students work on the gesture warm-ups at the beginning of class. I’m planning to... Continue Reading →

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